Apple vs Android

Untitled Infographic

Android and Apple are operating systems which are primarily used in mobile technology like smartphones and tablets. Android is an open source platform which gives users the ability to fully personalise the User Interface, having flexibility as its biggest strength. Whereas Apple is a closed platform which monitors, controls and restricts certain functions and features in their devices.

There has been always a battle between these two companies as their competition is never ending. According to Ritche (2013) Apple has been tracking the number of new iPhone users who switched from Android. Apple was so thrilled with the growth, Cook mentioned Android switchers four times over the course of the hour long call. However, recently Samsung announced that it has topped Apple and has regained its Number one smartphone sale spot says Geddes (2015).

There are various comparisons between the two OS. Android applications can be run and visible even on any iOS device, while Apple applications, music, pictures, movies, etc are not seen on any non-Apple devices. 81% of the global market consists of smartphones that have Android OS, however, this results the Android Security problem via economies of that market place. Nevertheless, having only 5% of global market, it still accounts for almost all the profits from their sales.


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