With the rise of technology, it has been clear that social media has become a need for people’s everyday lives. People are using social media as consumer as well as produser themselves, sharing user-generated contents globally via network platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc. YouTube has been known for its ability to support the long tail effects of user-generated content, enabling anyone to publish videos to its site.

YouTube has an extensive library with millions of videos about various types of gaming, music, tutorials of how-to and many more. According to Smith (2015), the estimated number of new videos uploaded to YouTube every minute is 300 hours per minute. YouTube having more than hundred million channels, 500,000 channels attain less than 1000 subscribers, having at least a few viewership on its long tail (Dreier 2015). This shows there are endless choices of videos for users to choose from comparing to a video store which would only stock the most popular and hit videos giving the consumer a limited choice.

The prezi I made shares more factual information about YouTube and its long tail effects, check it out here,



Dreier, T 2015, ‘YouTube’s long tail: More ad-supported channels, Fewer viewers’, Online Video, 28 October 2015, viewed on 5 December 2015,


Smith, C 2015, ‘By the numbers: 120 + Amazing YouTube statistics’, DMR, viewed on 5 December 2015,


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