Facebook's walled garden - ImgurImage source: Imgur

Who doesn’t know about Facebook today? Who doesn’t have a Facebook account? I don’t think it’s exaggerating if I say that almost everyone in the world knows about the gigantic social media platform Facebook. It has reported to have 1.4 billion users who use the platform to connect with friends and share information with each other (Gill 2015). These connections via Facebook, however, made people feel dependent and ‘locked’ to the platform, where for anything regarding Internet i.e. connecting with friends, entertainment, news, sports, etc., people tend to read and share via Facebook.

Moreover, this walled garden of Facebook is forcing people indirectly to remain within the platform and cutting them off from open transfers of data, content, connectivity and community.

In the meantime, the walled garden of Facebook have placed news organizations on threat of losing their own products (content). “The biggest problem for news sites is that so much of the traffic that comes from Facebook—they read one piece and go away”, says Tero Kuittinen. For publishers, there is more to lose by shifting from their own site to a social media platform, when all they want is people to stay on their own site and click around.

Facebook rules - ImgurImage source: Imgur


Gill, KE 2015, ‘Facebook’s walled garden: too seductive for news companies to ignore’, Wired Pen, 24 March, viewed on 2 December 2015,


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