For years it has been a struggle for women to get employed for a work regardless of being highly educated. This has been especially for moms who don’t have economic resources, who cannot make choices whether to take time from working outside the home to work inside the home and spend more time with their children. In my opinion, women has the ability to multitask: they raise children and work inside and outside home, they do extraordinary things. Nevertheless they are often misjudged by not only the employers, but employees as well.

“How in the world are you going to be able to commit to this job and all your kids at the same time?”

Job requirement for a woman No Children! - Imgur Source: Imgur

However, thanks to today’s technology, we found a better way for moms who want to work – yes… Working from home! The liquid labour has given us the opportunity to perform work task remotely in a ‘networked environment’ beyond time and space. Now moms can definitely make a choice: take care of their kids, maintain their home and still work in a job that best suits them.

“The location and time of one’s labour becomes a secondary consideration to the task of managing the expectation and/or possibility that one is available and willing to work” Melissa Gregg, ‘Function Creep’

Working home moms - Imgur Source: Imgur


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