Domestic broadband

Zooming into what life was like in the 60’s people used to spend time with their families, children used to play outside more often and they used to be more interactive among each other. So, has the advent of Wi-Fi and domestic broadband changed the way we view our home?

Now if we look into the era after the arrival of the TV it is obvious that the TV has made its mark among the family members of each individual homes. When I was a kid I remembered how my mother used to have her favorite drama, how my dad loved watching the sports channel and how I loved watching the cartoons which were being played. So what has changed since the arrival of the broadband into homes? I think it is merely an extension of what we used to have in the TV. Some time ago we used a single box for our whole families’ viewing, but now we have our own personal gadgets to view our preferred selected channels or programs.

I am not exaggerating here, but don’t you remember how angry you used to be when you had to share the TV with someone? Especially when one of your siblings want to watch a different show which happens to be at the same time as yours? I used to be furious if my siblings changed the channel when I was watching my selected program. What makes it even worse is when your parents want to watch a different program as well during different times of the day. And they never fail to use the guilt trip tactic on you! Stating that they are paying the bills, and that it is very tiring after all the work at home and at work, and all they want is to watch 30 minutes or 1 hour of their favorite show.

If we look at how technology has evolved since then, we can now stream videos from our own personal devices. But of course the set back is that we rarely look up to converse with one another. However, zooming into the hidden hypocrisy beneath it all is the fact that, back when the TV used to be our source of entertainment, we rarely talked as well. How? It was because the only time we actually talked was when one of us wanted to switch the channels. If you look closely even when we were arguing about whose turn it was, we rarely did any talking, just loud arguments which was always won by the loudest arguer. So the hypocrisy lies in the details.

Photo credits: Todd Leopold, CNN

Photo credits: Todd Leopold, CNN

Today when we stream from our very own personal devices we also barely talk with one another. But the complaints come from our parents, claiming we rarely have family time together. Whereas back then in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, family time was also reduced to sitting in front of the TV and watching it being played, while none of the family members talked to one another regarding anything related to their lives. So my guess is the real problem lies with our parents themselves. Back then during their generation, they used to have a barely minimal conversation with their siblings because the TV was being a distraction, they had minimal talks among each other. If I remember correctly my grandmother used to complain how her children (my mother and her siblings) used to lack communication among themselves as compared to my grandmother and her siblings. So what is making our parents complain that our generation is spoilt because of indoor broadband? My guess is that, they have finally reached an age where they are missing the good old rare times of conversation they rarely had with their siblings and now blaming our generation fearing we would end up the same. But nevertheless the concept of domestic broadband is very similar to the TV and radio. The interaction among family members have seen a decrease in both cases. So in my opinion domestic broadband is merely an extension of the TV and radio.

Photo credits: Kensley

Photo credits: Kensley


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