Okay, finally blogging for Bcm112 has come to an end. (Yayy!!!) It has been a 14 week full of challenging adventure while studying Convergent Media Practices. All the topics covered have enhanced my knowledge of media although some did not really catch my interest and was a bit hard to understand. I was never a good writer; however, bcm112’s weekly required blogging has improved my writing skills far more than how I do before and has built up my media presence as a confident writer. Also to highlight the Tweeting, it has really built up a habit for me to read daily news articles online which keep me updated with knowledge of what’s going on around the globe.

What mainly caught my interest in bcm112 is the involvement of discussion on the ways media convergence affects industries, technologies, and audiences. In addition, choosing a media platform for the subject and discussing all major tensions and point of conflict mentioned in Jenkins (2004) has broaden my knowledge of the platform which I never have come across before. It also enhanced more knowledge about the emerging technologies and different media platforms as we all (colleagues of bcm112) read and shared blogs of each other, providing support and feedback.

I have learnt many concepts and theories about understanding the process of media convergence in society during this time. The technology and media issues from different perspectives and discussing topics from copyright and creative commons, audience, citizen journalism, transmedia storytelling, mashups and online misogyny: this subject has really helped me enhance my knowledge and build more interest in media.

The most interesting concept that I came across during my study is the Audience: Accessibility and participation of users across media platforms. The main point of the topic was how the audience is changing from being a passive and consumer-based to concurrently producing and consuming, combining as prosumers. It also discusses how the digital media has driven us to a world where there is no necessity for filtration or gatekeepers, when publishing and sharing a talent to people who are around the globe.

Overall to say, the subject has improved my knowledge of media convergence in so many ways. I am thankful to UOW for giving me the opportunity to explore the challenging adventures of bcm112 and to my lecturer who encouraged me and taught me to create my own thoughts and views, which I could share among people with confidence. I’ll say good bye now and thank you all for reading my blogs. I know I still need improvement in writing and can do better; however, I will always look back to my blog and be proud of what I have created.

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