The traditional media industry has been going down since the rise of digital media platforms which impacted significantly upon many aspects of the old media industry. These changes affected the media sectors which include TV and radio broadcasting, newspaper publishers, movies and music industries. The technology has inspired innovation within the music industry and as consumers, we have an exciting future ahead as more interesting devices emerge, and cloud services improve so that we can listen to all our music more easily and wherever we are in the world.

The growth of the music industry has been associated by TV talent shows which boosted the overall music industry income and also, many of the contestants do become successful from appearing on these shows, such as One Direction, which is positive of course.

However, it is unrealistic that a ‘bedroom singer’ will get to a final in a talent show – because most of the talent show successes are professional singers or have been developed over years of training. The delusion is that singing karaoke to a panel of celebrities will lead to success, which is false.

It is true that there is a trend within the traditional music industry which shows that more highly developed artists are being approved by record companies, and they will be given more priority at the stage of negotiation of the deal. However, a new artist to reach this highly developed stage is not easy. In order to do so the artists have to cross several gatekeepers to publish their own music to the world. Hence, this narrows the chance for them to catch an audience as the record companies would have already created the base and organized to distribute and sell music to a dedicated fan base, tour, and sell.

Nevertheless, today’s technology: the digital media has driven us to a world where there is no necessity for filtration or gatekeepers, when publishing and sharing a talent to people who are around the globe. In fact, it has become more easy, fast, convenient and accessible to catch an audience even for a new artist. The listeners, the consumers are just at the fingertips.

The mobile and web music applications have made it easy for the ‘bedroom singer’ to share his/her music or song to the whole world and get famous through catching audiences. Famous applications like YouTube, Soundcloud, etc., make not only the producers, also the consumers who are new as artists, to upload and share their own talent without filtering and approval. Home studio production has become a mainstream because of the cost effective methods of recording digitally. It also enabled “consumers to archive, annotate, recirculate media content in many powerful ways” (Jenkins, 2004)

Music creation software now gives you the option of putting the ‘dirt’ back into your music.

There are no insecurities of whether a piece of music or art would be published or not. The new digital media has made the consumers also producers, combining as prosumers. Fans who are the audience having the same interest and tastes of music, are using their talent to share to the world within just few clicks and get fame. And not only are the artists who are in music for the money benefited from digital and social media, also the artists and creators who share their art for passion.

“In my opinion there’s never been a better time to be an artist, and at SoundCloud we’re excited about our platform because it truly allows any creator to get their art out into the world and build an audience. Whether that’s just being listened to by ten close friends or family, or whether it’s reaching millions of people across the web, it’s hugely valuable.” Dave Haynes, Head of Business Development at Soundcloud.


Jenkins, H (2004), The Cultural Logic of Media Convergence, in ‘International Journal of Cultural Studies’, Volume 7(1), pp. 33-42


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