It has been a 7 week full of challenging adventure, for me while studying BCM110 with my lecturer Faizal, who have been very friendly and helpful throughout this time. I knew from the very first lecture that I would enjoy this subject, also made me so excited and willing to attend for the lecture every Monday, wondering what interesting topic Faizal have in store for us for the week. What mainly caught my interest in BCM110 is the involvement of discussions in relation to social media (facebook, twitter), internet (YouTube my favorite) and all sorts of talks about media in everyday life throughout our study in understanding media and communication practices.

I have learnt many concepts and theories about understanding the operations of media in society during this time. The various thoughts about media issues from different perspectives and discussing topics from media myth busting, semiotics, image cannot lie, to watching Miley Cyrus transformation videos: this subject has helped me enhance my knowledge in media. Furthermore to say, the weekly blogging has built up my media presence as a confident writer.

The most interesting concept that I came across during my study of BCM110 is the moral panic: children and the media. People say Media is a way which makes parents aware on how to raise their children and educates in how to overcome child behavior problems and protect them. However, does it happen to anyone to realize that the media is actually the medium by which children are being represented and exposed by trying to “create awareness”? The movie 17 Again highlights good moral values like:

  • the importance of appreciating what you have and making the most of it
  • true love and family, and the sacrifices
  • standing up for yourself, for others and for what you believe
  • self respect and confidence, being yourself and being proud of who you are.

While it also illustrates a lot of inappropriate behavior that parents would not likely want kids to imitate, like:

  • bullying
  • underage drinking and use of drugs
  • teenage sex and partying
  • peer pressure.

Having the chance to share my writings with colleagues and others through the blogging has given me more strength and confidence with my voice and opinions. Furthermore, having the opportunity to read and comment on other blogs; this subject has made us generate our own “meditated sphere”, providing support and feedback to each other. I’ll say good bye now – of course not forever, only just for blogging. I am still on my journey, eager to explore other various exciting adventures of BCM110 ahead in line. However, I will always look back to my blog and be proud of what I have created.


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