I was doing research in my College library when I got a “call” through Viber, from my brother back in my country. He called as my mother wanted to speak to me one last time before she started her journey to Holy Prayer Umrah, to Mecca. She was at her departure terminal where the whole family was there except me. So we talked over the phone so comfortably for nearly an hour, without having to think of any call charges or disruption over the call. She gave well wishes, reminded of responsibilities and gave advices, having an emotional time.


photo credits to Josh McKenna

We have experienced massive technological advances over the past few decades, which contributed in improving our lifestyles now, where media is everywhere and we use all forms of media in relation to each other. The way in which we interact with each other has been revolutionized and it has never been easier.

A teenager doing homework may juggle four or five windows, scanning the web, listening to and downloading MP3 files, chatting with friends, word processing a paper and responding to email, shifting rapidly between tasks.” Henry Jenkins

That was what I was doing as well, mentioned earlier in my blog, when an additional task of a call from 7000 miles away, adjoined all those multitasking. Yes, a Viber call! Whether the friends or family are on the same network or even in a completely different country, Viber provides unlimited free calls and text messaging anytime. This amazing feature of Viber has placed families and friends, who have moved to different parts of the world for multipurpose, together to one place, connected always despite the time differences. Also Viber has made it more efficient for users who are frequent travelers, where a user does not have to keep changing the number everywhere he goes, but simply can call via the local number registered before, which is something I already am experiencing myself. This saves time and effort in sending messages to all friends and family about the number change.

A tech news media, e27 had said that “While Viber is tethered to a mobile number, like WhatsApp or WeChat, it is also known for being a platform and device agnostic as it is available for both the PC and the smart phones across the OSes – iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Windows, Mac, Symbian, Nokia S40 and Bada devices.” Viber gives importance to approach multi-platforms of media like Desktops and almost all the other smart phones to ensure that any phone can use Viber’s messaging offering.

“By convergence I mean the flow of content across multiple platforms, the coorporation between multiple media industries and the migratory behavior of media audiences.” (Jenkins 2004)


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