Safe, or be Safe?

Just to start out, I was browsing the web for a picture relevant for my blog. And Wow! I found this image on a web and thought it would be perfect for my blog. Can I just copy this image to use it in my page?


photo credits to Thanh Tuấn Phạm

No! Majority images on the web are copyrighted, even if the copyright holder is not plainly listed. If you cannot get the permission from the copyright holder, you simply cannot use the media file.

Immense change in the society has been brought by a cataclysm of a tech-savvy era due to the technological shift in the past revolution of time. Lifestyle and social interaction became unique as it collaborates with the highly advance digital age. On a different note, due to the fast-growing progress of the technological era, convoluted issues involving the rise of illegal pirating and abuse of copyright, as well as the consecutive inclination in open content licensing have been highlighted.

When it comes to copying and misusing of one’s own creation, it becomes a chaos in fighting for the rights and penalizing. For example, looking at tech giants like Apple and Samsung, they have been accusing each other in regard of copying their designs and features.

A license is said to be the permission the creator of a program allows and the conditions under which those permissions are granted. He automatically holds the copyright of his program, which allows him to restrict copying, usage and modification of his program by others. To permit others to use the software, the creator has to give permission for whatever it is he wants those others to do with it. Under a license, the open source platform Viber has also set up its Terms and Policies for its users to use and enjoy the application. Its Terms and Policies include Viber Privacy Policy, Viber DMCA Policy, Terms & Conditions and Trademarks, which not only secure the application itself, also protect the rights of its users.

People should be concerned about their privacy.” Viber founder Talmon Marco

Viber is not operated under an open content license which defines to be a license that grants the right to “retain copyright while allowing others to copy, distribute, and make some uses of their work – at least non-commercially.” Viber uses its Sticker Market to monetize its service. It offers access to free stickers, as well as paid sticker packs created by Viber team of designers and also from other third parties, who sell stickers through a licensing deal with Viber.


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