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Today media is one of the most dominant sources to reach the people among a society as well the whole world. Forms of media have evolved during the latest century past few decades. And for now, media is being labeled as the root for social violence, especially children.

Forms of media like video games and cartoons which are famous among the children and youth have encouraged them to be exposed to violence. However, research shows 2 of every 5 youth who played video, computer, or Internet games showing physical fighting, shooting, or killing in the past 12 months said that the games were somewhat or almost exactly like real life.

“It may be that the situations, not the characters, more fully resonate with youth who play violent games.”

Children who watch cartoons try to imitate the violent action scenes they see in it. But it is not media who is to blame, rather lack of parent control and proper guidance. Parents should be aware of what their children are watching, movies containing violent and improper scenes do carry legal warning for certain age groups yet children access to those due to lack of proper control. Media can’t be the sole reason behind the increase in aggressive behavior among young generation.

When it comes to television series and movies, there are number movies based on the crimes being committed on women in the society. For example, a Maldivian movie named “Niuma” is based on a true story of sexual abuse. Movie analyst, Shaneeza Mariyam said

“Female director has played a great role to make awareness of sexual harassments. And in Maldives 1 person per 3 is a victim of Domestic violence or sexual abuses. So the female Director has played a very important role in letting the locked doors open. And also it has opened a gateway to reveille whatever happens behind those locked doors.”

Here media being a mirror of the society, reflects the cruel realities that are not seen, lead people to help out those tormented women and support to evade the violence to repeat. This shows media not only entertains, it gives messages and morals to the public.

So with all these facts I can conclude that media is not the main reason behind social violence, rather there are many other reasons that increase the social aggression.


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  1. You did mention to a certain extent parents are responsible for the actions of their children. What about parents who are extremely busy earning a living and probably only see their kids at night over dinner? How are they to know what their kids are watching? Any ways for that?

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